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Energy Management

Energy Management

A long-term approach according to economical and ecological principles

The careful use of energy resources is a matter of course for us. A professional energy management reduces energy consumption in a sustainable manner. Cost savings, both short and long term, can be achieved by optimizing the installations and the purchasing of energy.

Modular - Complete

  • Regular recording and analysis of energy consumption
  • ƒƒPreparation of energy statistics and figures
  • ƒƒEnergy and cost optimization through periodic weak point analysis
  • ƒƒCreation of a customer-specific energy distribution key
  • ƒƒEnergy calculation checking
  • ƒƒAdvice on energy and installation purchasing, according to economical and ecological principles
  • ƒƒRegular optimization of installations
  • ƒƒDiscussion of grant options with authorities
  • etc.

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